From : H Hady <>
Sent : Thursday, March 4, 2004 5:33 PM
To :,
Subject : Regarding You Article, The Gangs of abu hannefy

Salam Ya A'7 Salah

I have read your article about the Gangs in Jordan, As Jordanians, we all know that these Gangs and smugglers work for Al shreef Fwaz, and Jameel Bin Nasser and his brother Hussein, (and their father may god fry him in hell, before them) who in turn share the wealth with the rest of the royal family losers. So, please Stop trying to blame others like these puppets, so called prime ministers. As a member of a prominent (are not we all), i have met most of these Jackasses, or like My father used to say; Mules addressed As Stallions, We know the facts, and where the corruption is, it is the Head My Fellow Jordanian. So .. call it as it is. These people had an opportunity and they seized it, nothing more. It is better them than the Syrians and Lebanese and iraqis..etc. ( the lesser of the two evils). Jordan is the whore of neighborhood, all those screw her are but strangers, apologies for using such an example. But the truth is that.

Stories are plenty about this family and there ?Divide and Conquer? Mentality, and the abuse that they have handed to the Jordanians.

Here we are You and I as an example, frustrated Jordanians, strangers in a strange land, trying to make a living, and worrying about what will the future hold. Yet, our land is being raped by filth...

I admire your writings, please keep the good work and keep it real.


Hemd Al howettat

From : Fadi Melhem <>
Sent : Thursday, February 26, 2004 11:51 PM
To :
Subject : Re: Omar Khattab

Dear in Arabtimes newspaper......Alsalaaam 3alikom o Ram7met Allah o Barakato...

This is the first time for me to write to you, the reason for that I was one of your daily reader and I saw how much you hurt us as a Jordanians "bedouins, miniorities, cheap and many other things" I don't wana to repeat it again and again because still there are many peoples hates us and for me and for many Jordanians we don't care wallahi we don't "we are honest, clean pure open minded ", for those who have anything against us let them show it but we are not responsible for what Abduallah or Rania did "the first one is from Hijaz and the second one is a pitch from Palestine" so there is no Jordanians o alhamdo lelah among them and we are not in need for that....

I would like to send my sincere greeting to "Omar Khattab" for his nice strong wise letter and I hope all of us write in the same way he did... I hope that my letter will be posted and show it on the website.....

Fadi Melhem ....Jordanian Student , Ohio_U.S

From :
Sent : Tuesday, February 24, 2004 3:09 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Jihad al-Moumani

Dear Dr. Osama,
I appraise what you wrote about Jihad al- Moumani, I met him sesvral times specially when we went to Cairo to attend the Arab- Israeli Alliance for Peace' Conference which was held in the Marriot Hotel ( Omar el-Khayyam)Cairo June.2000.
Jihad , Ahmad Owaidi al-Abbadi, Sultan Hattab and Samer abu- Libdeh, and other Jordanians were desperately trying to kiss Shimon Perez' ass and Yousi Belen's.
When Yael Dayan ( Moshe Dayan's daughter) walked in the conference room, Jihad was the first one to kiss her hand, he did it before Sultan al-Hattab.
(Off course you know that Sultan is Abdul Hai al-Majali's body).
You can check with Tayseer al-Ajarmeh ( off course he is a real person, I was a lawyer in Jordan and I know the Judges and their prices....Tayseer is a clean one)
Fawwaz Tuqan

From :
Sent : Tuesday, February 24, 2004 9:35 AM
To :
Subject : Why not Morocco!

Dear Mr. Osama , This is my fifth e-mail to you , I want you not only write on Jordan dectator King Abdullah, But I want to write on this big fucker King of Morocco Mohamed 6th and I want you to write in Arabic, because we Moroccan cannot read English and we only know Arabic and French.

I am a woman from Morocco, I am now in other country where I felt freedom and got married and have kids.

Please, we Moroccan girls wherever go they pointed us big bitch .This true but not totally true. Because Moroccan government during the big dectator King Hassan 2nd was the one who want prostitution to happen in Morocco because we are poor and no jobs and he cannot offer us jobs because He had many palaces in New York and Spain and all the money of Moroccan people is with his fuccker royal family and his big other Mafia members who surround him so you will find in Morocco only business of HASHEESH AND SHARMATA so Moroccan women do not like this job because they are poor and how they can feed themeselves since there is no jobs at all. You also can see many news on 4000 Moroccan people who lost their lives near Spain Jabel Tareq because they want to escape from the hell of dectators of Morocco. Please I beg you to write on this ESABA that govern Morocco. I want you tpublish many scandals on them because they are the one who let us be bitches and beggers and theives how do you want us to survive. No body care and if you talk and complain they will kill you without judging or if you are lucky they will put you in black jail where you will die slowly you will find this iN Marrakesh under one big garden countered by flowers but under the ground of this garden there is the big jail who all Moroccan people know. Please kill them in your website


Subject: Mohammed Rasoul Kailani is a dirty man
Sent: Monday, February 9, 2004 4:27 PM

Dear Tayseer,
I read your article about this pig Kailani who was one of the Jordanian regim's pigs( I can't say dpgs, as dogs are precious comparing to such a pig), I believe you 100% because I know many stories about this pig and I know Abdul Fattah Toukan very well ( He is not a relative of mine).
Who calls himself Dr. Toukan is welling to be one of the Jordanian regim's pigs, since I met him in Alexandria, Egypt, he was and still trying to get the regim's attention to be one of their pigs, so I know for sure that all off his articles are fake, (just kissing asses), I heard him once says he is ready to do whatever to be a minister in the Jordanian regim...... So this tells you what kind of people he is.
Mohammed Rasoul al-Kailani's history is well known to every Jordanian, needless to say that he was disrespectful among the Jordanians and the Palestinians, but the regim's pigs found him as a stepping stone to get some positions or promotions ( His brother Mousa was a head of the Masonic Temple in Jordan).
Dear Tayseer,
I respect your patriot father as every Jordanian who knows who is Mohammed Rasoul al-Kailani and who is Abdul Fattah Toukan..................
For more information about Abdul Fattah Toukan and Kailani, pls don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address and also at (
Hope to hear from you soon.
Fawwaz Tuqan

From :
Sent : Thursday, February 19, 2004 7:14 PM
To :
Subject : Regarding the islamic sheikhs

It's not news that a sheiks or any charlatan uses a woman .. These women are adults .. The real problem is the lack of education in Egypt and other Arab countries, that women can be victimized by a fatwa from a so called sheik.
No doubt that Arab times is a newspaper where a lot of us can read what other Newspapers in our countries won't dare publish. Still maybe we'll have a first page on what's happening to our nations politically ..and discuss solutions ..Than having the first page about a retarded woman who slept with a sexually frustrated sheik!
Let's get off talking about our honor below our waist .. Let's discuss our freedoms .. justice .. And getting our countries to move up in human rights, education and opportunities for our young .. Talking about who slept with whom .. is irrelevant .. And is only adding to our ignorance, when our lands are raped by Israel and others .. Our first pages are about illicit sex stories!
The new generations of Arabs .. Are far from jahilya ..and thinking that their honor is in their underwear ..Let us catch up with the world ...And lets leave underwear stories to the ignorant please.
All the best.

From : Hussam Zaghloul <>
Sent : Thursday, February 19, 2004 10:16 AM
To :
Subject : True News

Dear Dr. Osama,

What has been said about Faisal Al-Qassim is
mostly true. I've known this person for more than 21
years. I'll send you a detailed letter about him very
With Great Respect and Admiration.

From :
Sent : Thursday, February 19, 2004 12:51 AM
To :
Subject : First contact

Mr. Osama,

I am just new in reading your website. I am really surprised by your strong personlaity talking about most muslim and arab leaders, as well as some famous people in arab world. I am so curious to know whether all what you say is correct or not.

Best regards.

From : Willem Burger <>
Sent : Wednesday, February 18, 2004 11:59 AM
To : <>
Subject : Cooking sessions..

Hello sirs,

for always i read and spend my time surfing your wonderful web page to spend a real usefull time, and in order to read something about my native backgrounds...and im always getting my needs from knowledges and other words its the only small window wich allaw me to contact the arab world, i really want to thank you for what your doing its a real great gift for all of us...

Dear sirs..

I am a chef who spent 10 years of his life working to the most important places and for the most important people..and as i see there is no thing about cookery in your web site..i would like to share in sending some mediterenien, arabian, and international recepies which includes salads soups desserts and all kinds of goods for small parties caterings..etc.

hopefully to have a small chance to share at least in something in your grat success.

yours faithfully

Malek El noueilati

From : Ahmed Nizami <>
Sent : Friday, February 13, 2004 1:44 AM
To :
Subject : To Arab Times

Guys .......

Great Job, Excellent Representation, A++++++++ all the way around, Addicted to your website, you guys are doing a marvelous job here ... Love ya guys and keep up the hard work.

Best wishes to management and all employees.

Ahmed Nizami

From : Omar Abdalla <>
Sent : Thursday, February 12, 2004 5:13 AM
To :
Subject : Regarding sarawi

Dear Osama Fuzi,

I read the article about Sharawi and as you said "if you see him on the T.V., you cannot believe it. However, we need to understand something that there is lots of people who try to say that Muslim people is doing many sins under Islam. I believe that Sharawi is the one who gave the green light for Saadat to make peace with Israel. Remember something, According to what I read, the article seems to me unfair or wants to show someone that People believe he translate a Quara'n as an evil. Remember, that there is lots of ignorant among us that can believe this and even spread these kind of these things with out verifying what is presented. As you said he sharawi's family should sue them. However, if this is from a government that want to make the people suspensions about there religious. Than, his family cannot sue the government, they have to shut up. if you think about every word in the article, it seems fishy for me. it looks like a kafer has written the article. especially when you said that the government own the news paper. This mean to me the government give the green light for "Mr. saada" to write this article. These days, I cannot believe many things, specially when you see the people in the Arab world. People have been sleeping for many years. controlling their ideas is very easy. They want something to talk about it. make sure that these article is extremely correct or else you will find yourself misled by governments. they my even have you sided with them. they are very smart my friend.

Sallam, Omar

From : A.Mohammed Ali <>
Sent : Thursday, February 12, 2004 3:12 AM
To :
Subject : An other war?

Mr Usama,

I have read your article about Sheik Mohammad Sharaui and other Muslim scholars. I have realized that your site has in fact been particularly designed to attack Islam and keep Muslims away from their religion in the namy of freedom and democracy. What you write is carefully and specifically chosen to destroy the Muslim character, morality and belief. I am sure that some will propose that Muslims should NOT be allowed to read and memorize the Holy Kor'an and that Prophet Mohammad(pbuh)had no right to marry a 9-year old girl. This is the message I understand in your article. Mr Usama, war against Islam can NEVER be won even if the whole World has decided to go into that war.
Long live Islam.

Mohammed Ali

From : ali ammouri <>
Sent : Monday, February 9, 2004 4:49 AM
To :

Dear Arab Times,
I read your articl writen by Mr Jamal Badawi about Shikh Sharawi (You present it in the main page Feb 8,
Just I want to mention an important thing, which was the reference that Mr Badawi used to support his facts about Sharawi which was Mr Ahmad Abatha. For everybody who don't know Mr Abatha, he was a Moslem then turn to a christian and has his own website explaining why he did that.And the reason why he wrote about Shikh Sharawi because Mr Abatha's family were not happy with their son's deision, so they asked many people , one of them shikh sharawi, to talk with their son to make him change his mind. But Mr Abatha didn't like that, and that's why he hate Shikh Sharawi.
Another thing, Mr badawi didn't present any new thing that he found, it was only repeating.
Also why know, Shikh Sharawi died before 8 years and
now he is in front his God.

From : abed abed <>
Sent : Sunday, February 8, 2004 2:17 PM
To :
Subject : Stop that

salam alaikum

Dear Arab times
Who looks to your newspaper at the laszt timemhe feels that you are special in attacking the Islam. Finally,Al sharawy .

I dont know what is the benefit from that thing,Al sharawy will face his fait now , good or bad. Al sharawy had hypersexuality!!which logic claimed that? Stop this attack aginst the Islamic sympols.

Dont loose your popularity by this way which you follow. I sent many letters. But,you did not puplish it!! see you

From : ahmadmanar laham <>
Sent : Tuesday, February 3, 2004 6:30 PM
To : "" <>
Subject : thanx

first of all ... i'd like to say FUCK YOU
.... i dont think that its fair to have some suckers to controle a web-sitei think that the best think that happened in your whole life.. is being kicked off out of UAE... look sucker!!!! ..... F U dont stop saying bad stuff about your masters.. ill just be glad to crash your fucking head..... SHAIKH ZAYED RULES...... AMRO KHALED RULES..... YOUSEF AL_QARADAWI RULES ... U SUCK

about this bitch "fawzi"... no one will listen to such a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

yours with fuck

From :
Sent : Tuesday, February 3, 2004 3:58 PM
To :
Subject : Thank You..

Dear Mr.Usama Fawzy.

I want to express my thankful feelings to you..And to your important magazine..As an Egyptian.. I think that your site is the best polotical site facing the problems of the area of middle east..

Thank you..

Dr.Bassem Mourad.

From : maher khresha <>
Sent : Saturday, January 31, 2004 10:44 AM
To :
Subject : please read and comment this

Dear Dr. Fawzi

First of all i want to ask you a favor,will you please comment this email and the one that i?ve sent you on Tue, 14 Oct 2003.

I want to talk about the new Jordanian policy of education,while we are a third world country that has a percentage of 70% under the line of poverty we see the new education policy that pends the millions for nothing on some projects that we don't need and we wont need for the coming 100 years.

I am not against the development and technology, but i am against stealing the fortune of the poor people under the slogans that we got sick from hearing it such E.learning,schools on line etc?

We are a very poor country and there are some places in Jordan where?s no electricity till now,those people who suffer from being deprived from their primary and essential living needs do not need a computer they might need later on when their need been satisfied,while alto of families in Jordan has nothing to eat "thank for the new political polices of the successful young king and his followers" the keep talking about huge projects with a financial costs the avoids $250 millions for each project.

I want to ask just a small question???? What is the need of the 200 technological schools that have been reduced to become just 6 schools with the cost of $250 millions????

Her majesty once went to a small poor village in Jordan and guess what she took with her for the people of the village??some will say bread,some will say blankets or heaters?i tell you she took a computer?!!!but the disaster was when they wanted to turn on the computer to show the people her majesty?s gifts..they discovered that Iain this village there?s still no electricity!!so thank you your majesty for your generous gift.But please bring us next time Bread and Water so when you come to visit us again you will find us alive.

What is the need for a digital mathematic book????for a country that has no sufficient schools for its people???and if there?s a school there are no teachers?.!!!please try to raise the salaries of the teachers so the people will OK to this career as a highly respected post not making them prefer staying at home instead of doing such career?.

And what about that loser minister who did nothing but destroying our schools and education system???is he the taxes that our kids should pay??can he mention three Jordanian villages??does he know anything about the Jordanians and the education collapsing in Jordan?what do they want??steal the millions?please take it and go away,leave this country for its people who care about it not you who keep stealing the milk of this cow by the way the day in which this cow will stop giving milk will come and then what will happen they?ll take it to the slaughter to divide its meat before leaving it forever and go back to Dafous,by the way it seems that this is quite soon because nothing left?they took and sale everything?

Once they wanted to talk about the millions that have disappeared under the slogan E-learning and development?but His majesty has shown all his solidarity with the poor minister saying that this minister is the best ever,he?s and elite who can make _Jordan the united states or Canada..

I wonder why do they still saying that they are putting us in the same level of the United states and Canada??are we so gigantic and strong??are we so rich?have we developed all the deserts and the south of Jordan so we can go on?

I saw the famous pirate group in Dafous Economic Forum where they were talking about Jordan like if Jordan was the founder of the Electronic government,didn't he see the reality of _Jordan in his last visit to Akbar?s Port,by the way don't feel strange if they keep taking about the incapability of Jordanians to run their own companies and their own fortune because at the end destroy the institutions of this country will lead to the justification of selling it to the foreign companies that is of course Israeli with some masks.

What is making me laugh recently that his Excellency the minister of Education want to change Microsoft system after buying all these computer and programs with Linux products which surprising me that in whole the world they are a few people who are using such software but i wounder how his Excellency has managed to know,is it the big commission that he will have from his consul ant who is a hidden partner in this computer company?

Please Mr Fawzi i will be waiting for your comments please do it..

Next time we will talk about the role of his Excellency the minister of health and the role of his Excellency the minister of planning and international co-operation

Sent : Sunday, January 25, 2004 6:21 PM
To :
Subject : The definitions of both peace and terrorisim

The Deffinitions of both peace and Terrorisim

`What is peace? What is terrorism? Peace and terrorism no longer have the same meanings they had; Peace now means murder, torture, suffering, crime and violence. While terrorism means fighting for your civil rights, your freedom, your country, your land, your home, for an end to murder, suffering, torture, crime, and violence. A terrorist now means a Palestinian child who sees death in his eyes, and faces it with a rock in his hand against highly dangerously armed professional murderers. A terrorist now means a Palestinian child who's parents where murdered by the biggest peace maker Ariel Sharon and his army a terrorist now means a Palestinian child who is murdered for standing up to defend his country, his land, his home. The home he had been raised in, given all his love to, the home that can not be replaced in his heart with any other. So my question is, Is this the world you want to live in, Is this what our ancestors died for, So please I ask you to remember Hamdan J'ewi's words "listen to the voice inside your heart, really listen and then only then, make your decision." And to his words, "Who is ready to wipe away the tears of the Palestinian people, who is ready to paint a smile on the faces of the Palestinian children?" And so I ask you to light a candle for those who need your help and to combine your souls into one soul, one hand, one body, one heart and one voice or to remain week and divided.

An American Palestinian,

From : Mark Hansen <>
Sent : Saturday, January 24, 2004 7:16 PM
To :
Subject : Urgent

Dear Arabtimes:
I been living in the USA for few years and I went to visit Jordan recently. I was shocked how things are changing there. The cell phone is with everybody and they cost more that what it cost in the US. Most people know who owns it and who do they suck the blood from theses poor people. The new thing is Taxes on everything. Everything sold will have a tax on it like the sale tax we in in USA. except in Jordan they decided to break the USA record and apply taxes as from 13% to 18%. They is no money with people eat and beleive me NOBODY care. people are tired from lestening to the B S Jordan news which show the King and his people will reports the impornment and success they acheiving in the country. Everybody is complaining and you feel somthing is going to happen...!!!!
I see you artcle describing the everyday scandles in Jordan but far away from what the peole suffuring in Jordan... stay close to the public... there pain is true

From : Ali Issa <>
Sent : Thursday, January 22, 2004 10:34 PM
To :
Subject : Freedom of Speach for AlJundi

Dear Editor,

I have been following the war Ibrahim Al Jundi, has waged on Islam in the name of forward thinking and liberalism. I have to say that I wasn?t surprised that a so called Arab secularist has gone as far as demeaning Islam and Muslims, in order to promote he?s dream of a secular Arab state. It?s very common these days for anyone to brag about his hatred for Muslims and anything they stand for, I don?t know if Al Jundi, is trying to score points with Islamophobics but he has certainly gone further than a Zionist would have gone.

It is very sad, when so called secularist, normally highly educated Arabs don?t even adhere to the same level of civil discourse and objectivity as the non Muslims. It seems that the dictatorship and disorder they?ve been brought up under is refusing to let go of them. Imposing secularism or any other ideology is not a practice of civilized human beings.

Mr Al Jundi, you blame Islam for the problems of the Arab world! even though it?s people like you (Secularist) who are ruling that part of the world and they have been for years. It is regimes that prided itself on how harshly they?ve treated Muslims or anyone daring to talk about political Islam. So where have they lead their people? No where!

It really sickens me to death every time someone like you pops up on Arab Satellite channels lecturing on how to run the region. You?re only another form of dictatorship, disguised in democracy.

Finally, since you?re a self declared secularist, shouldn?t you stop delving in interpretations of Hadith and Quran or should I say misinterpretation!! Or do you expect us to learn Islam from someone who apparently doesn?t believe in it.

I respect you?re right to differ with Islamists, what I don?t understand is hurling sweeping insults on Muslims because they want to follow a different way of life to yours.

Ali Issa

first person references in the article are made for Al Jundi.

From : nablus nablus <>
Sent : Wednesday, January 21, 2004 11:36 PM
To :
Subject : ChocK




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